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        RE:Solar tube light

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                   Solar Camera &Solar tube light 12W-24W

        Hello ,
        1)This is our new solar camera 1080HD
        App remote control all over the world
        Save 80days video
        Backup 6 months ,WIFI or 4G ,32G -128G FT card
        USB support
        2) This is our new solar battern light 
        12W ,10pcs/ctn
        24W, 6pcs/ctn
        3 Ways of control
        5m cable 
        Neutral colour carton
        Shipment date:3-5 days 
        Free LOGO prink 

        Please contact me for any questions.
        Best regards,
        Roland Huang,
        Solar Power Light Solutions .
        Email: roland@e-ablepower.com,
        Skype: rolandhmy
        Whatsapp/WeChat: +8618823389565 

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