martes, 24 de abril de 2018

Water Soluble Green coffee bean extract for weight loss supplement

It's sunny from TIANXINGJIAN GROUP, the earliest PLANT EXTRACT manufacturer since 1993. Main products including natural ingredients for cosmetics, food, beverage and other
industries.Green coffee bean p.e is all year producing material, quality confirmed in E.U market.Specifications:
Chlorogenic acids 50%,caffine 8%-10%(Ethanol soluable)-suitable for capsules/tablets,health food additives
Chlorogenic acids 50%,caffine 8%-10%(100%water soluable of clear water)-very suitable for drinking beverage
Chlorogenic acids 50%,caffine 5%(Ethanol and water soluable)-suitable for capsules/tablets,health food additives
We also export Green coffee bean extract in capsules base on reliably and complete formula which have clinical trial already for weight loss, 500mg/capsule, 90 capsules/bottle.
MOQ:100000pcs,Can't stick logo.

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Please let us know if you interest.

Sunny Sang/Sales Dept.
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