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 we can offer a competitive rate on the delivery of your shipments from china to worldwide:

PART2: WE CAN OFFER 3PL service .


KR (Korea,South), SG (Singapore), TW (Taiwan)<- up to US$ 1.53

PH (Philippnes), MY (Malaysia), TH (Thailand) <- up to us$1.89

JP (Japan) <- up to US$2.06

IN (India), <- up to US$4.26

VN (Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City only) <- up to US$3.08

AU (Australia, Melbourne & Sydney only) <- up to US$4.02


US (United States) <- up to US$4.09

CA (Canada) <- up to US$4.39

MX (Mexico) <- up to US$ 4.39

BR (Brazil), AR (Argentina), CL (Chile) <- up to US$7.18


DE (Germany), FR (France), NL (Netherland), GB (United Kingdom), ES (Spain), BE(Belgium) <- up to US$4.65

IT (Italy), CH (Switzerland), NO (Norway), AT (Austria), DE (Denmark) <- up to US$4.91

PL (Poland), SE (Sweden), FI (Finland), IE (Ireland) <- up to US$4.80

BG (Bulgaria), CZ (Czech), HU (Hungary), RO (Romania), PT (Portugal), TR (Turkey) <- up to US$5.27


AE (United Arab Emirates, Dubai only) <- up to US$4.13

Terms and Conditions:

a). Minimum For shipments less than 1000 KG, spot rates DO NOT qualify for the spot rate is 1000kg.

b). For shipments less than 1000 KG, spot rates DO NOT apply..

c)  The above rate should be based on general cargo delivery

d) The above rates are not including the fuel charge, it must based on the current fuel charge cost.

e)The above rates are subjected to change without prior notice.


if you are not sure how to calculate freight charges on a particular shipment, simply email us your shipment information (weight, dimension of each carton,commodity description ), we will be glad to send you the quote.

we look forward to hearing from you.

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