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Smart tool for LED strip Hand-free tool for LED strip

High Quality LED Strip Manufacturer
High Quality, Professional Design, Full Range, Excellent Service!
150lm/W Strips 

◆ LED: SMD5630
◆ Power: 22W/m, 11.5W/m, 7.5W/m
◆ LED Qty: 128LED/m, 64LED/m,               32LED/m
◆ Color: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K
◆ Output: 850lm/m-3300lm/m

shoe box light
Wall Pack Flood I
CRI≥95/90 Strips
◆ LED: SMD5630, 3528, 3020,             2835, 2216, 5050
◆ Power: 2.4W/m-28.8W/m
◆ LED Qty: 30LED/m-240LED/m
◆ Color: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K,              6000K
◆ Output: 300lm/m-3000lm/m

3300lm/m Strips
◆ LED: SMD5630
◆ Power: 22W/m
◆ LED Qty: 128LED/m, Single-Line Version
◆ Color: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K
◆ Efficiency: 150lm/W

Wall Pack Flood II
security Light
4-in-1 RGBW Strips
◆ LED: SMD5050
◆ Power: 19.2W/m, 23W/m
◆ LED Qty: 60LED/m, 72LED/m
◆ Color: RGB+WW, RGB+PW, RGB+NW,          RGB+Amber
◆ CC/CV: Constant Current and Constant                Voltage both

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DIM2WARM LED Retrofit High CRI90+

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Two Styles options: MR16 LED Module/Retrofit (6W/9W/13W)
                                    LED Track Spotlight (12W)

Change the ambiance by dimming the lamp.
The more you dim, the warmer the light.
Dim to Warm feature resembles incandescent lamp dimming.
Very natural for the eyes.

Widely used in home,office, hotel,cafe house,etc.
A placid parent makes a placid home.

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