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Uniform color and bright LED neon flex for building outline decoration/OCAR

What is the advantages of our LED Neon Flex?

No dots &different uniform color is ideal for your different application

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ICO Comercial – A Euribor (negativo) + 2,30

Fondos privados para pymes

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- Hasta un máximo de 12,5M€ por empresa.



En Iberfinancia somos expertos en gestionar líneas ICO.


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10 de diciembre de 2016




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Block of Flats.

My name is Lee Kun Cho, I work for the ministry of Housing and National Heritage Bureau in Shandong Province of China. I have URGENT and discreet business proposal for you that will benefit us immensely. I urge you to please take a few minutes to read through my letter. This will intimate you with what is intended.

Before I reveal any sensitive information it is important I state categorically that this is privilege information which i am about to divulge. I will ask that you please treat it with discretion and confidentiality. Also at this stage i humbly apologise for being so direct in my approach.

I am contacting you regarding a property investment in the Shandong province of China. Its a block of flats that was sold as derelict hence far below the actual value. Its been renovated and upgraded. This said property was acquired for less than 5 million dollars. The present value is way above 20 million dollars. This was all made possible by myself and 2 other colleagues.

This property was acquired using government insider influence. It was also listed as investment financed with foreign funds. This was all to divert attention, due to the fact that as government officials we are not allowed to directly get involved with acquiring such properties due to conflict of interest.

Should you be interested, then I will like to hear from you the soonest time possible via my contact details above to enable me provide you with more details on how we are to proceed. I anticipate and look forward to a successful business relationship with you.

Yours faithfully

Lee Kun Cho. (Mr)