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Sheenly Full Range LED Highbay Lights Introduction!


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 What We Can Do?


 Your Highbay Repair Cost is high? Sheenly Highbay MAINTENANCE FREE!!!
 Worry About Production Capacity is not enough? More than 20,000pcs Sheenly Highbays per month!!!
 Provide the high quality products & solutions for Int'l top lighting brands, More than 100,000pcs Sheenly  Highbays have been sold within the past 3 years!!!


Sheenly Lotus Highbay Series


Sheenly Lotus Highbay Light series has reexpanded in 2016, a new full range of industrial lighting solutions & products will to be provided to customers.

The series include Lotus Classic, Lotus with High voltage 480V, Lotus with Lens, Lotus Pro, Lotus ECO, Lotus Plus, Lotus Mini, with a total of 7 products.

And, High Temperature Lotus Highbay will be launched soon! So stay turned!



  • ​Full range power, 40W-260W;
  • 65℃(Amb.) High working temperature;
  • Compatible with all kinds of controls
  • Both Reflector and Lens system are available;

  • CRI>80, Efficiency upto 150lm/W, Beam optional 60°/90°/120°;

  • Full certificate: ETL/DLC/ErP/RCM/CB/CE/ENEC/KEMA;

  • Applications in warehouse, factory, workshop, supermarket etc;

  • 7 years guarantee.


Deal effectively with all kinds of industrial environment
ENEC & DLC approval Sheenly Lotus Classic

  • 26450 lm@5700K, 388*172mm( 100W-200W), 388*200mm(230W)
  • Unique appearance;
  • Dust free, Ventilated self-cleaning;
  • Innovative heat sink design;


Extremely high efficiency to get more saving from electricity

ENEC & DLC approval Sheenly Lotus PRO
  • Lumen Upto 150lm/w, CRI>80;
  • 30000 lm@5700K, 388*172mm, 100W/160W/200W;
  • 1000W Metal Halide Replacement.


Great cost effective, High performance-price ratio

ENEC & DLC approval Sheenly Lotus ECO
  • Lumen Upto 115lm/w;
  • 26450 lm@5700K, 388*180mm, 100W-230W;
  • Good hardware with Philips LED;
  • Demands good quality of low price market.

With great energy, big body of "Giant"

ENEC & DLC approval Sheenly Lotus PLUS
  • 30000 lm@5700K, 428*200mm, Higher power 260W;
  • Better temperature stability;
  • Replacement of 600W HPS (High pressure sodium).


480V high voltage specially for NA Canadian market

ENEC & DLC approval Sheenly Lotus High Voltage
  • Input voltage 277-480 V/AC;
  • 26450 lm@5700K, 388*180mm, 100W-230W;
  • Driver from the best industry driver supplier;
  • No more painful voltage converter.


With rotationally Symmetric narrow light distribution

ENEC & DLC approval Sheenly Lotus with Lens
  • Lumen Upto 115lm/w;
  • 23000 lm@5700K, 388*172mm, 100W/160W/200W;
  • 90°/60° special light distribution: lower intensity in the center;
  • Even distribution in the floor w/o any yellow edge/shadow.


Real color, Fresh looking

ENEC & DLC approval Sheenly Lotus Mini
  • Lumen Upto 115lm/w;
  • 9200 lm@5700K, 248*155mm, 40W/60W/80W;
  • Help fruits, vegetable and meats fresh, specially for supermarket, foodshop etc.



Study Case of Sheenly Highbay


Easy Installation, Maintenance Free 
Warehouse in Netherlands-Lotus Classic Application

We have completed the warehouse by local distributor in Netherlands. The mounting height is more than 8 meters. We know your cost of high bay installation or repair is high, Sheenly Lotus high bay has designed for the replacement of 250-600W Metal Halide/HPS and thank to the easy installation, the replacement is completed in no time. It can maximum save the unnecessarily high operating and maintenance costs. 

If you are interested in Sheenly products, please contact us at any time.

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