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Do you know RGB White LED STRIP?

High Quality, Pro Design, Full Range, Excellent Service!
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High Quality LED Strip Manufacturer

You benefit from buying LED light strips wholesale ex-factory and directly from a LED manufacturer:

Offering you some of the best quality in high-performance and eco-friendly LED lighting you also make sure to save money because of our factory-direct supply chains.

4-in-1 RGBW Strips
19.2W/m or 23W/m
60LED/m or 72LED/m
RGB+WW/ PW,/ NW Amber
Constant Current or Voltage both
2-in-1 CCT Adjustable Strips
LED SMD3528 (CRI: ≥90)
9.6W/m or 19.2W/m
60LED/m, 120LED/m
2500K to 6000K adj
Constant Current and Voltage both
We are a very professional manufacturer of LED Strips. Our LED Strips are UL, CUL, CE and RoHS listed.

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Sheenly invite you to share innovative LED products!


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Your Highbay Repair Cost is High?


About Sheenly Lighting


Sheenly is a LED lighting company dedicated on research & development of sustainable solid state lighting products & solutions. Professional LED lighting manufacturer for LED Highbay Light, LED Panel Light, LED Downlight and LED Linear Light etc.

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Sheenly Lotus Highbay Series


The series include Lotus Classic, Lotus with High voltage 480V, Lotus with Lens, Lotus Pro, Lotus ECO, Lotus Plus, Lotus Mini, with a total of 7 products.



  • Full range power, 40W-260W;

  • Both Reflector and Lens system are available;

  • CRI>80, Efficiency upto 150lm/W, Beam optional 60°/90°/120°;

  • Full certificate: ETL/DLC/ErP/RCM/CB/CE/ENEC/KEMA;

  • Applications in warehouse, factory, workshop, supermarket etc;

  • 5 years guarantee.


"My Favourite Lighting Products 2015" Award of HK Lighting Fair by HKTDC
Sheenly Lotus Classic

  • 26450 lm@5700K, 388*172mm( 100W-200W), 388*200mm(230W);
  • Unique appearance;
  • Dust free, Ventilated self-cleaning;
  • Innovative heat sink design.


Premium quality and high class design requirement applications

Sheenly Lotus PRO
  • Lumen Upto 150lm/w, CRI>80;
  • 30000 lm@5700K, 388*172mm, 100W/160W/200W;
  • 1000W Metal Halide Replacement.


Great cost effective, High performance-price ratio

Sheenly Lotus ECO
  • Lumen Upto 115lm/w;
  • 26450 lm@5700K, 388*180mm, 100W-230W;
  • Good hardware, Philips LED, Meanwell driver.

Bigger body, Higher lumen, Better temperature

Sheenly Lotus PLUS
  • 30000 lm@5700K, 428*200mm, Higher power 260W;
  • Better temperature stability;
  • Replacement of 600W HPS (High pressure sodium).


480V high voltage specially for NA Canadian market

Sheenly Lotus High Voltage
  • Input voltage 277-480 V/AC;
  • 26450 lm@5700K, 388*180mm, 100W-230W;
  • Driver from the best industry driver supplier;
  • No more painful voltage converter.


Other Series of  Products Recommend

Modern, Stylish, Personalized Design

Sheenly Jade Ceiling Light
  • 2400lm@4000K, 12W/18W/24W;
  • A perfect luminaire for open space area in various applications;
  • Flexible installation makes everything simple.


New Life, Smart Lighting

Sheenly Smart Panel Light
  • 4000lm@4000K, 20W/40W;
  • Add different lights to different groups and control them separately and synchronously;
  • Dim the brightness from 0 to 100% and adjust color temperature from 3000K to 6000K via the APP in your cell phone or tablet PC.

Sheenly Patented New UGR19 diffuser
  • Patented UGR<19 Micro Prismatic Diffuser;
  • Luminance<3000cd/m2 @ gamma 65°;
  • Fully compliance toEN 12464-1.

For more products you are interested in, please view Sheenly website or contact us at any time.


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  Tel: +86-21-6411-3138, Fax: +86-21-6411-3862
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