viernes, 5 de junio de 2015



Dear my friend

Hello, this is  Janbanyang  from China Harbin Yeekong Herb Inc , our company is a professional GMP Balsam pear product and  health care products manufacturer with  20 years's  experience,  we want to avail  the opportunity to establish  business relation with you.

Our prodcution line include :

Acai oral liquid

Acai tea  

Cordyceps Sinensis oral liquid , Goji oral liquid , Ganoderma extract oral liquid ,ginseng royal jelly , panax ginseng extractum,ginseng ginkgo biloba extract,Korean Ginseng Instant tea,ginseng tea and ginkgo ginseng tea etc. If you are interested in some of them please don’t hesitate to let me know , we are prepared to  give you further assistance.

Please link our company web site:, if you want to know more about our product. By the way. 

thanks you very much in advance!




Best regards


Contact person: Janbanyang

Harbin Yeekong Herb Inc.

Telephone: 86-13945007215

Telephone: 86-0451-55598231

Fax: 86-0451-55598200                                                                                                  

Address: No.39 Huanghai Road, Haping concentration district development area, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

Postcode: 150069



Skype: janbanyang







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