martes, 10 de febrero de 2015

Dear Sir,

I got your contact from my Google research. I trust my instinct and my instinct have never failed me in the past. I am convinced that you are the person who can assist us in this pending transaction.

I am Mr. Douglas Michael Smith. I am a citizen of the United Kingdom. I have been mandated by a close associate to solicit for a reliable business man who will assist him in the investment of his funds deposited with the Fidelity Investments (Worldwide) Ltd (GB).
My associate is a nationality of Syria, a country that has been turned apart by war.
My associate has a large sum of money which he would like to be invested in viable areas of investments.
I solicit for assistance in the investment of these funds deposited with the Fidelity Investments Ltd under an open beneficiary.
I will give you more details about this pending transaction as soon as I hear from you.

I await your urgent response.

Mr. Douglas Michael Smith.