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Base de datos de Emails ISA México Corporativos

Bases de Datos, Software y Servicios de Email Marketing


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Bases de Datos de México
73-0032 Base de Datos de Emails ISA México Corporativos Agosto 2014
330.000 emails de empresas con dominios corporativos
USD 49 USD 53
73-0028 Base de Datos de Emails ISA México Julio 2014
2.1 millones de emails de empresas y particulares
USD 45 USD 50
73-2001 Base de Datos ISA de PYMES de México 2014
30.300 registros con datos completos:
Empresa, Puesto, Nombre, Telefono, Fax, Domicilio, Colonia, Localidad, Estado, Código Postal, Email
USD 45 USD 50

Bases de Datos de Emails Internacionales
73-0030 Bases de Datos de Emails ISA Latinoamérica 2014
19 Paises de Latinoamerica - 8.7 Millones de emails
USD 140 USD 150
73-0037 Bases de Datos de Emails ISA Latinoamérica CORPORATIVOS 2014
7 Paises de Latinoamerica - 915 MIL emails de dominios empresariales
USD 165 USD 180
73-0015 Bases de Datos de Emails ISA Internacionales 2014
36 Paises - 15 Millones de emails
USD 196 USD 210

Bases de Datos por Estado
73-0025 Base de Datos de Emails ISA México-DF 2014
75.000 emails de empresas y particulares
USD 30 USD 35
73-0027 Base de Datos de Emails ISA México-Sonora 2014
17.000 emails de empresas y particulares del estado de SONORA
USD 45 USD 50

Bases de Datos Especiales
73-2003 Bases de Datos ISA US SMALL BUSINESS 2014
15 millones de comercios (B2B) en Estados Unidos, organizados en 50 estados
Registros con datos completos incluyendo Email
Formato CSV
USD 630 USD 699

Software ISA Email Packer 1.8
Software para Optimización de Listas de Emails

Mezcla hasta 3 listas
Elimina duplicados
Divide las listas en paquetes con menor de cantidad de emails
Elimina los emails cortados
Limpia comas, comillas o el caracter que desee
Selecciona emails de un dominio
Elimina dominios no deseados
Elimina emails que contienen determinadas palabras o símbolos
Selecciona emails que contienen determinada palabra
USD 35 USD 40

Servicio de envio de emails
73-3150 Super Server Plan LAT-150K
Envio a 150.000 emails en América Latina y Europa
USD 90 USD 100
73-3490 Super Server Plan LAT-490K
Envio a 490.000 emails en América Latina y Europa
USD 270 USD 290

Servicio de consultoria y soporte
73-4001 Instalación de Mailer con Escaner de SMTP abiertos
Servicio de configuración y soporte de sistema de emailing multi servidor
USD 196 USD 210


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Good Day Sir/Madam

My Name is Barr. Stephen Cobb QC, This mail is Written and intended to solicit your assistance to be presented as NEXT OF KIN to my client, Andrei Borodin. He is seeking for a private company or individuals that can manage and invest his funds wisely, he has a huge amount of money in the excess of (Ј25,000,000) twenty five millions pounds.

Andrei Borodin A Russian ex-banker who fled to London in 2011 after being accused of alleged fraud has been granted political asylum in the UK, he has agreed a 25% reward to the person who will stand in as a substitute beneficiary to the claim, an additional 5% is set aside to reimburse for expenses in the course of the transaction and the balance of 70% will be invested upon your strong recommendation to my client in your choice of investment.

Please Read Link for your perusal...

If you are willing to provide this assistance please forward the following information, otherwise please feel free to decline.

Full Name:



Company name if any:

Telephone Number:

Mobile Number:

International Passport or drivers License:

There will be a power of attorney issued and signed by my client to you for the claim of the funds in the institution were the funds has been lodge. I will only give further details if you are interested because this transaction is Highly Confidential.

Thank you for your understanding,

I look forward for a good relationship with you

Kindest Regards

Stephen Cobb QC
(Joint Head of Chambers)