sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2014

Burger King Prospective winner

Berger King Promotional Award
Paseo de la Esperanza, 21-European

Dear,Prospective winner

We are pleased to inform you that this Email Account holder has won in the
final release of the awaiting online international Burger Kings promotion
Award,we are happy to inform you that you have won the total sum of
€650,000.00:(Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros Only).

Your mail Account was presented by humanitarian organizations, also with
the help of chambers of commerce and industries in Spain. Your Email
Account won in the 3RD category,security file number to your winning claim
is BK/2013/0018. Please remember to keep your file number highly
confidential to avoid double claims.

To begin your claims, please contact your claims agent Mr, John Goodman.
The Foreign Affairs Manager,Email:burger.king@cash4u.com
All necessary verification's should be made before transfer can be
effected Send your winning information to this agent for urgent response
Immediately we receive the above Details you will be informed on how to
claim your winning prize money within 24 hours, in any country of choice

1) Full Name:
2) Full Address
3) Security File Number:
4) Tel. Number:
5) Country of origin
6) Options of payment/wire bank transfer/ certified check,
7) How do you feel as a winner?

NOTE:Winning must be insured to the original value, to avoid any
unexpected situation. The deadline for these claims is 16-December, 2014.
After this date, unclaimed winnings will be returned to Spanish Ministry
Of Economic, and late entry penalty requirements must be met before late
entry claims can be considered. Enjoy from Burger Kings in Spain Happy
winter Memorial Day, Spend less Money! A day off from work and Enjoy. We
want to know what you really think about Burger Kings. Is it your favorite
fast food joint?:Email:burger.king@cash4u.com

Mr,Jonathan-Leon (Vice President International Prize Department)