lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012


ear Friend,

Good day and sorry for the way this email came to you as I'm in
desperate need of your help to transfer the sum of $5.5 Million
Dollars belonging to an aid to Colonel Gadahafi whose name I cannot
mention for security reasons who also died in the fierce fighting in
Sirte Libya and before his death I was his personal accounts Manager
here in Burkina Faso where He secretly lodged this money without
anyone else knowledge except me and the Bank.

I want you to apply to my Bank as the next of kin hence I can provide
you with all the informations that can lead to the release of the
money into your account as long as you can bear the cost of procuring
certain legal certificates that will be needed to change the fund in
your name which must be presented to the Bank before the fund is
released to you as the nearest person and in confrmation of your
interest, I will like you to furnish me with the below informations as
60% of the fund will be for me and 40% for you :

Your Name......................

Your occupation....................

Your Country of origin..............

Your age and contact number..........

I shall furnish you with the details of the deal once I receive the
above requirements and please feel free to delete the message if you
are not interested and do keep the secret for me so that I can look
for another reliable person.

Thanks in Anticipation.

Fellahi Hamza.